USA Pentathlon World Cup
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The Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon holds five World Cup competitions each year. The United States has been granted the first in the series, known as World Cup #1.  In each country, a national competition is held to qualify athletes for the World Cup Semi Finals, held on the first day of our event, and excludes the Ride discipline. After the cut, the Finals are a full Pentathlon, which includes the Ride. Men and women compete separately on different days.  

The five disciplines that make up the Modern Pentathlon each have their own set of challenges to test an athlete's adaptable intelligence, physical endurance, precision, self-control and courage.

  • Fence - épée round-robin
  • Swim - 200 meter freestyle
  • Ride - equestrian show jumping on an unfamiliar horse
  • Run - 3,200 meter cross-country 
  • Shoot - laser target (pistol)

The run and shoot disciplines make up the Combined Event, which requires athletes to stop and shoot between each 800 m. leg. This calls for extraordinary stress control skill, and treats spectators to an exciting finale!


Pentathlon was designed as a test 
of the old military skills required by 19th century cavalry soldiers during battle.

General George S. Patton represented the United States  in the debut of the Modern Pentathlon at the 1912 Olympic Games.  He placed 5th in the world.
US 2014 World Cup Finals
June 5-8, 2014